What are Darts?

Darts is a sport in which two or more players throw small missiles at a dartboard competing each other to acquire most points. The bulls eye (the center shot) has the most points and the points keep decreasing as the missiles hit away from the bullseye. This game enhances and develops many essentials skills like focus, aim, precision, accuracy, concentration and patience and overall sports man spirit. It will be an Olympic sport in the years to come and to be exact Darts will join the Olympics in 2028. This sport has many championships around the world and has many famous players like Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen, Chris mason etc. Renowned organizations of Darts are e.g. British Darts Organization (B.D.A), Professional Darts Corporation and World Darts Federation etc., not to mention that Darts is also a television sport as it comes on many sports channels like sky sports and BBC sport which is a good indication that Darts is now considered as a well-rounded sport.

Components of Darts

Unlike many other sports,Darts doesn’t require many components to play as it requires only two which are

  1. Darts
  2. Dartboard
  • Darts

Darts are basically small pointed needle-like missiles with feather or plastic flights which one throws at the dart board. There are two types of darts: soft tipped and metal tipped. You can choose according to your desire.

  • Dartboard

Dartboards are the board on which players shoot their darts to score points. There are several materials used to create different Dart Boards. Few Dartboard types are mentioned below:

  • Electronic dartboard
  • Bristle dartboard
  • Wooden dartboard
  • Cork dartboard
  • Coiled paper dartboard
  • Magnetic dartboard

As there are many types of dartboards it can be difficult in determining which is best and which one should you purchase, so I will be showing you top three dartboards with the brief description.

  • Soft Board DARTSLIVE-200S Darts

This is an electronic dartboard. This electronic dartboard stands out against other electronic dartboard as this one has app compatibility which allows to present scores and show you your performance through statistical data, not only that but it also shows you your progress. It also has multiple gaming modes to keep you entertained. This comes with 2 power options and is considered as the most advanced dartboard till date.

  • American Heritage Billiards Cavalier Dart Board Cabinet

This is a cabinet bristle dartboard.It has a very elegant design with high quality of materials. It comes with 6 steel-tipped darts, 2 scoring chalkboards and eraser, a Pre-mounted Z-brackets as well as a storage cabinet. Overall it is a very good dartboard with no specific or standout cons.

  • Harley-Davidson Electronic Dartboard

This again is an electronic dartboard. This dartboard gives you a very arcade feel as it incorporates sounds and effects. It has more than 40 games available and comes with full pack of darts and well lighted LCD scoreboard.  It also has many settings for advance players and is very handy as it is compact and portable.

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