• The Little Giant Flip-N-Lite

This magnificent ladder is also regarded as platform ladder; don’t mistake it by its looks as it can hold up to weight of 300 pounds which makes it perfect for tasks like DIY projects, home décor etc. Even though it can sustain huge pressure, it doesn’t mean it is huge in size also; in fact it is quite the opposite and is slim, light and not too large. The weight of this platform ladder is just 14 lbs with the height of only 6 feet. These characteristics make this ladder extremely easy to carry around. The compact size ensures that it can easily be fit into places like store, trunk etc. it is so light and easy to use that you can even unfold the ladder by only using one hand. For safety this little giant Flip-N-Lite provides a tall handrail which provides stability and security and minimizes chances of tripping over and falling. For convenience there is even a tray provided to put the tools like nails, screws etc. You can buy it from abovethefloor.net

  • Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Unlike the above mentioned ladder this ladder is a multipurpose ladder, these types of ladder are of multi functional henceforth its name is self suggesting, this ladder allows you to tackle many tasks through a single ladder kit.  Just like the Flip-N-Lite this ladder can also take weight of up to 300 pounds which is extremely impressive especially when you look at its size. The unique quality of this ladder is that it is convertible for e.g. it can easily be converted into a 19 inch extension ladder, a 5’7″ step ladder, a frame ladder with a maximum height of 9’1” and these features makes it multipurpose as it allows you multiple options and you can use however you want the ladder to be as per your need. You basically buy 1 ladder but it gives you the flavor of almost all ladders.  Since it is very light and slim, therefore, storage isn’t something to worry about and additionally it has 4 wheels therefore its portability is extremely easy and smooth.

  • Ohuhu EN131 Telescopic Extension Ladder

If you are in a need of an extension ladder but don’t have the storage facilities to store, this is perfect for you. This ladder can be extended and retracted, when extended, the total length is 12.5 feet, and when contracted the total length is only 40.5 inches. It is made from aluminum and possesses weight slightly over than 25 pounds which is regarded as good considering the size of this ladder. The setup of this ladder is extremely easy and self-explanatory; therefore, it takes approximately 20 minutes for a full setup. For safety the ladder has anti pinch technology to keep your hands safe, it also has non-slip ends that stabilizes the ladder even more. The durability of this ladder is magnificent as it can survive rough use, extreme climatic hazards like snow storm, thunder storm etc. and the quality is also pretty improved and long lasting.